Group Photo Summer 2018

Back row, left to right: Yaya Fan (former MS), Ramsey Smith (CBE senior), Ning Zhao (former postdoc and current TagTeam collaboration manager), Luke Hartje (recent Ph.D. grad), Dr. Snow. Front row, left to right: Abby Ward (Chem Ph.D student), Julius Stuart (Chem Ph.D. student), Sasha Chappell (intern), Gayani Dedduwa-Mudalige (postdoc), Amanda Cherwin (REU), Holland Dierl (CBE junior), Ann Kowalski (recent Ph.D. grad).

Group Photo BIOMOD 2018

For the second year, the Snow lab has provided material support for the CSU team that has competed in the international biomolecular engineering competition BIOMOD. For more info about the project, see the [team's page]. Left to right: Ramsey Smith (CBE senior), Abby Ward (Chem Ph.D student and BIOMOD mentor), Vincent Braud, recumbant (CBE junior), Alex Frickenstein (CBE senior), Dr. Snow, Xandria Amash (CBE junior)

First Graduation Celebration August 2016

Left to right: Lucas Johnson (CBE PhD), Thaddaus Huber (CBE Ph.D), Ann Kowalski (CBE Ph.D), Eli McPherson (CBE), Sehoo Park (CBE), Dr. Snow, Luke Hartje (BMB PhD)

Original Group Photo December 2012

Left to right: Mark Lunt (CBE MS), Lucas Johnson (CBE PhD), Dr. Snow, Joey Chiavetta (CBE), Ann Kowalski (CBE Ph.D), Thaddaus Huber (CBE Ph.D), Matt Baker (MS)