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Recent  Research Projects
  • PI, with J. Klausen (Brandeis University), "Dynamic, Graph-Based Risk Assessment for the Detection
    of Violent Extremist Radicalization Trajectories Using Large-Scale Social and Behavioral Data, National Instittue of Justice (NIJ)/Department of Justice (DoJ), 2018-20.
  • Collaborative Research: IUSE-EHR: Cultivating Inclusive Identities of Engineers and Computer
    Scientists: Expanding Efforts to Infuse Inclusive Excellence in Undergraduate Curricula, Co-PI
    with R. Atadero (PI), National Science Foundation,  2018-22.
  • AFOSR SBIR, Phase II, with Numerica Corporation, 2019-21.
  • AFOSR SBIR, Phase I, with Numerica Corporation, 2017-18.
  • Coalition for Development and Implementation of Sensor Systems (CDISS), Co-PI CSU Catalyst
    for Innovative Partnerships Program,  VPR, 2015-17.
  • Development of a Computer Assisted Physical Examination/Palpatation Model for Medical Training,
    Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program (BDEGP), Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), Colorado, Co-PI with D.A. Hendrickson (PI), 2015-16.
  • NSF Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of Atmosphere, (NSF),
    (UMASS,CSU,OU,UPRM), Project Member with  Prof. V. Chandrasekar, 2003-2013.
  • Space-Time Signal Processing for Detecting and Classifying Distributed Attacks in Networks, (AFOSR SBIR/STTR Phase II, Numerica Corporation), With Prof. Louis Scharf (Colorado State University),  Dr. R. Paffenroth and Dr. P. Du Toit (Numerica Corporation), 2012-2014.
  •  A Low Overhead Approach for Distributed  Monitoring of Large-Scale Networks,
    With Rick Whitner (JDSU).  JDSU Corporation 2012-13
  • Space-Time Signal Processing for Detecting and Classifying Distributed Attacks in Networks, AFOSR SBIR/STTR,  Co PI with L.Scharf, 2010-11.
  • NSF: CSR---CSI: A Virtual Sensor Network Based Closed-Loop Integrated System for Continuous Plume Monitoring and Prediction, (NSF), PI with Prof. Qi Han and  Dr. Toshihiro Sakaki  (Colorado School of Mines), 2007-11.
  • Wireless Sensor Network Based Subsurface Contaminant Plume Monitoring,  (ARO),
    CoPI with Prof. Tissa Illangasekare, (Colorado School of Mines).
  • Testing of VLSI Circuits,  Testing of Printed Circuit Boards, Agilent Corporation,
    PI with Prof. Yashwant Malaiya,  Dr. Ken Parker (Agilent)

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