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Anura P. Jayasumana

Electrical & Computer Engineering  Department
(with joint appointments   in Computer Science Department,  Systems Engineering and Biomedical Engineering)
Associate Director, Information Sciences and Technology Center (ISTeC)
Colorado State University
Fort Collins
CO 80523-1373

Phone: 1-970-491-7855
Fax:     1-970-491-2249
E-mail: Anura.Jayasumana at

Research Interests:

  Computer & Communication Networking: 
                       Internet of Things,  Social Networks
                       Sensor/ Optical/ Wireless/ Wired Networks
                       Performance Modeling,  Network Protocols
   VLSI:    Testing and Testable Design of Integrated Circuits.


Anura Jayasumana is a Professor of electrical and computer engineering at Colorado State University, where he also holds a joint appointment as Professor of computer science.   He founded the Computer Networking Research Laboratory at CSU, and is  a member of NSF Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere. At CSU, he has supervised over 20 Ph.D. and 50+  M.S. theses, and taught courses ranging from freshmen undergraduate courses to specialized graduate courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Communications Society (2014-2017). He has published ~300 research papers and a book.  He has served as a consultant to numerous companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.