Scott Scholars

Welcome fabulous Scott Scholars!  This page provides information about the Scott Scholars program and your Scott Scholarship.


If you have any questions at all that are not answered by this page, please contact me, Susan Benzel, Scott Scholars Program Coodinator, and I would be happy to help!
cell 970.222.2561

Schedule of events

Week of November 9

Special Delivery for 2nd – 5th year Scott Scholars; Pickup days and time:

    • Tues, November. 10: 10:15 a.m. – 1 p.m.
    • Weds, November 11: 1 – 4 p.m. or 5 – 6 p.m.
    • Scott Bioengineering Building Atrium

November 18 - 19

CSU Spur Water in the West Symposium graphic

If you want to attend, send email to Susan Benzel by November 9; the Scott Scholars program will pay your attendance fee.

December 1

SURE meeting for all matched students and faculty

Week of April 12

Virtual Career Panel

April 2021

Tentative trip for Scott Scholars to visit Walter Scott, Jr. in Omaha

April 30

SURE Poster Fair & Celebration

Frequently asked questions about the Scott Scholarship

What are the requirements to keep my scholarship?

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • 24 credits per year
  • Remaining in an engineering discipline
  • Continuing to receive the Green & Gold Scholarship or Presidential Scholarship (note: WUE may replace the Presidential Scholarship)

What happens if my GPA dips below 3.0?

GPA are checked each year at the end of the spring semester; if your cumulative GPA is below 3.0 at this time, you will receive email with details on how to appeal your Green & Gold or Presidential scholarship.

The Scott Scholarship is stacked on top of your Green & Gold or Presidential scholarship, and if your appeal is successful, you will most likely also keep your Scott Scholarship.  If you do need to appeal your scholarship, please let Susan know so she can help you with the appeal process.

Can I extend my scholarship beyond the four years (or five years if I am a BME + ME/EE/CBE dual degree student)?

Your scholarship cannot be extended beyond four years/eight semesters (or five years/10 semesters for BME students.) Your scholarship can be put on hold during co-ops and extended leave – see the questions below for more details.

What happens to my scholarship if I do a co-op?

While participating in a co-op, your scholarship will be put on hold during the fall and/or spring semesters when you are working. Many students do a co-op for three semesters, with one semester being fall or spring, and the other two being summer; in this case, the Scott Scholarship (as well as the Green & Gold or Presidential Scholarship) would be put on hold for the one fall/spring semester when the student was doing the co-op. 

The student would not “lose” a semester of eligibility – they would still receive the Scott Scholarship for a total of 8 semesters (or 10 semesters for a BME student.)

What happens to my scholarship if I take planned leave for a semester?

Assuming you meet all requirements prior to the planned leave, and you still have eligibility left (i.e. you have not already received your scholarship for 4 years [or 5 if you are a BME student]) you scholarship will be reinstated again when you return.

It is very important you let the Office of Financial Aid know your plan, as well as sending information to Susan.

When I move off campus, can I use my scholarship to pay for my housing?

Yes, if there is any money from you scholarship remaining after tuition and fees are paid, you scholarship can be used for any legitimate college expenses including housing, food, books, etc.

Do I need to fill in the FAFSA and CSUSA every year to retain my Scott Scholarship?

Students do not need to fill out the FAFSA or the CSUSA as a continuing Scott Scholar. However, we do advise you to complete the CSUSA (the deadline is March 1 each year) if you:

  • want to potentially qualify for more scholarships
  • want your Scott Scholarship renewed faster (the scholarship will appear in your account sooner than if you don’t fill in the CSUSA)