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Dr. Jianguo zhao, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Site director – NSF I/UCRC for Center Next Generation Photovoltaics

Education: B. Tech. 1980, Indian Institute of Technology – Mechanical Engineering

M.E. 1982, Arizona State University – Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. 1985, Arizona State University – Mechanical Engineering

Research Interest: Making PV electricity a major source of energy worldwide by optimizing CdTe based material processing that can be developed to be scalable and commercialized at affordable cost.


Brooks Classick:

Education: Mechanical Engineering (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: My name’s Brooks Classick. I want to one day end up designing robots, hopefully for my own robotics business. I love to learn but I’d prefer to be making money at the same time if you know what I mean.

Jade Lee:

Education: Mechanical Engineering (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: My name is Jade Lee. I want to pursue a career in the Aerospace industry with my end goal of working on space exploration. After graduation, I will be working on Aerospace and Defence at Northrop Grumman, helping out with nuclear missiles. In my free time, I like dancing, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

Nathan Wallace

Education: Mechanical Engineering (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: My name is Nathan Wallace. I have an interest in automation in the manufacturing industry and currently pursuing more knowledge in this field through my senior design project. The focus of my project is to build an autonomous mining robot that can drive to predetermined locations while avoiding obstacles, mine material of a given particle size, and return to a deposition location. My other interests include trail running, backcountry backpacking, and rock climbing.

Zach Scott

Education: Mechanical Engineering (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: Hello there, my name is Zach Scott. I am currently working with the CSU NASA Robotic Mining Team to develop a fully autonomous lunar excavation rover to enable Skynet on the moon. After graduation I would like to get involved in the energy industry, to contribute to the development of sustainable energy. My interests include: bicycling, rock climbing, lifting weights, video gaming, and hanging with friends.

Mason Deal

Education: Mechanical Engineering (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: My name is Mason Deal. I love mathematics, rockets, lasers, and blanket forts. My goal is to work in the growing space industry upon graduating in spring 2020.

Nikita Khlopotin

Education: Mechanical Engineering Major with Minor in Ecological Restoration (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: Hey my dudes, my name is Nikita Khlopotin and I am a Mechanical Engineering Major and Ecological Restoration Minor. As part of the Colorado State University NASA Robot Mining Team, I am helping to build a robot that will assist in the collection of water on the Lunar surface and eventually enslave all of mankind. In my free time I like hiking, playing tennis, and serving our automaton overlords

Kyle Vorreiter

Education: Mechanical Engineering and Space Engineering (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: My name is Kyle Vorreiter. I am a senior working towards a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Space Engineering. After graduation I hope to work in mechanical design, ideally in the Space industry.

Jacob Sheradin

Education: Electrical Engineering with Minor in Mathematics (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: I have a broad set of interests including the various aspects needed to build a lunar robotics platform from the ground up. After graduation I plan to join the Peace Corps or otherwise contribute to the advancement of humanity as a whole.

Rick Stansbury

Education: Electrical Engineering (Senior) – Colorado State University

Bio: I’m Rick Stansbury an electrical engineer with an interest in robotics, power and control systems. I’m a supervisor at rams horn dining hall and do not have plans for my career after graduation.