Welcome to CSU Ram Racing Formula SAE

Who are We?

Ram Racing is a diverse group of students that collaborate to design, build and race a formula style car through the implementation and execution of engineering concepts. Ram Racing upholds Colorado State University’s Principles of Community, to provide students with real world experience and prepare for industry success.

Our Vision

We strive to be a top contender at the international FSAE collegiate competitions. We will accomplish this by building capable critical thinkers who demand excellence and success, while creating an inviting, safe environment that above all, fuels passion.

Our D.R.I.V.E.

Discipline: Building students into the best version of themselves with habits and structure in order to have a successful. season

Respect: Treating our team as we wish to be treated and recognizing the work that students before you have put in to accomplish our goals.

Inclusion: Extending hands to those who want to be involved and encouraging students to ask questions and get involved.

Victory: Our team is capable of success at the highest level. Each and every member of our team supports this idea and mindest.

Education: This is the ultimate learning experience and we strive to grow mentally with every meeting and problem we solve.