Welcome to the Adaptive Robotics Lab at Colorado State University directed by Dr. Jianguo Zhao. The lab aims to design and build novel small and adaptive robots that can reconfigure their shapes, structures, or functionalities to fulfill multiple tasks (e.g., walking, flying, swimming) in diverse environments (e.g., on land, in the air, or underwater). Such robots will have diverse applications ranging from environmental monitoring, search and rescue, to military surveillance.  The lab is located at the Powerhouse Campus of Colorado State University.

The following video features our recent research on adaptive robots:


We are continuously looking for students towards Ph.D. degree. Students with experience in the following areas are welcome to apply: robotics, controls, mechanical design, embedded systems, mechatronic systems, dynamic systems, advanced manufacturing. Those who are interested in working with me please directly apply to the department. Meanwhile, please send me an email with your CV in PDF format. Undergraduate students who want to get hands-on experience with robotics are also welcome.