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Carmen S. Menoni

University Distinguished Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering


School of Biomedical Engineering


Office: C101E (Campus) and

B 325 (Foothills Campus)

Tel: 970-491-8659


There is nothing more stimulating than working with enthusiastic students and instilling the love for learning; the creative aspect of research and the excitement of discovery.

Courses:ECE 505 • •ECE 580 • ECE 574 •ECE 673

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Carmen S. Menoni is University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University. She received her PhD in Physics from Colorado State University in 1987.  Since 1991, she has been a member of the faculty in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.  Prof. Menoni also holds courtesy appointments in the Department of Chemistry and the School of Biomedical Engineering at CSU. Prof. Menoni’s research is in the areas of Extreme Photonics and Nano-photonics.  She is also actively involved in using bright coherent beams of light of wavelengths between 10-50 nm for optics applications such as imaging and spectrometry imaging.  Prof. Menoni has an active group engaged in the growth and characterization of oxide materials that are the backbone of interference coatings for infrared high power lasers. Her work is published in over 200 archival publications and has been presented in over 300 conference presentations. Prof. Menoni and her team received in 2008 a “R&D 100 Award” for the invention of a table-top 46.9 nm wavelength microscope that can capture images in a single 1 nanosecond with wavelength spatial resolution.  Prof. Menoni  is Fellow of  the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the American Physical Society,  the Optical Society of America and of SPIE.

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