Our group at Colorado State University receives 4-6 international students every semester. These students come to pursue research to fulfill requirements for the practical training or masters' degree.

The process to come for an internship to CSU is described next.

1. Initial contact

The student and major professor needs to contact Prof. Menoni ( and submit: a) application letter and b) student curriculum vitae. This allows Prof. Menoni to identify projects and assess the fit between the student's expertise and lab research efforts. Prof. Menoni ( will confirm acceptance.

2. Securing a J-1 visa

Following acceptance, the student will need to proceed to secure a J-1 visa. There are new requirements for it. See attachment. Prof. Menoni will need to confirm the English proficiency of the student. To do this, a paper written by the student, a conference call via Skype or personal interaction are possible.

The applicant needs to fill out the form DS2019. This is a fillable form. Specify the dates of the visit. Do not complete the section that should be filled out by the CSU host. You need to accompany the submission with: a)copy of the passport page that contains your picture; b) Bank statement showing funds to support your stay during the time at CSU; c) copy of health insurance.

3. Submitting your documentation

Once the documentation package is complete, Prof. Menoni sends it to the Internantional Programs Office. They process the visa. It typically takes 3 weeks. After it is approved, the International Office sends a message to the student and the CSU adviser to let them know the paperwork to present at the US Consulate is on its way. The application process and the mailing fees are covered by CSU.

4. Preparing for your visit

You will need to secure housing. A possibility is to secure CSU housing. For this, the applicant needs a CSU eiD. Prof. Menoni works with the ECE Department in this process. For CSU housing, visit the following website: Housing. If unable to get housing through CSU, you can look in Craig's list Fort Collins to rent a room. If you continue finding problems (this is unusual) please contact Prof.Menoni.

5. Updating your visit to Prof. Menoni

Let Prof. Menoni know a few weeks in advance when you are coming.

Good luck in the application process!