Anthony J. Marchese, Ph.D.


Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Director, Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
104 Scott Bioengineering Building
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1374
Campus: (970) 491-2328

Lab: (970) 491-4786
Cell: (267) 528-7954


The Mission:

The Marchese research group applies fundamental research in the thermal sciences to develop innovative energy solutions and entrepreneurial models that benefit the human condition and achieve global impact.

The Laboratory:

The Advanced Biofuels Combustion and Characterization Laboratory is focused on ensuring that the next generation of biofuels are fit-for-purpose as drop in replacements for diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel. The laboratory is located at the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory at Colorado State University.

The Team:
Siddhesh Bhoite, Ph.D. Student   Reece Churchill, Ph.D. Student  Colin Slunecka, M.S. Student     Andrew Zdanowicz, Research Staff    Chiemezie Ilonze, Ph.D. Student

Alumni (current affiliation):

Alyssa Aligata, M.S. 2019 (Bureau of Reclimation)  Jeffrey Mohr, M.S. 2020 (NREL) James Tillotson, M.S. 2018 (CSU Staff) Colin Gould, M.S. 2018 (Southern Cross, Inc) Caleb Elwell, M.S. 2017 (Biomedical Innovations)  Siddhesh Bhoite, M.S. 2017 (Prometheus) Thomas Falloon, M.S. 2017 Tim Vaughn, Ph.D. 2017 (CSU Research Staff) Jessica Tryner, Ph.D. 2016 (CSU post doc) Andrew Boissierre (Honda R&D)  Andrew Hocket, Ph.D. 2015 (Hiltner Combustion) Esteban Hincapie, Ph.D. 2014 (EH Energy Consultants) Marc Baumgardner, Ph.D. 2014 (Gonzaga University) Torben Grumstrup, Ph.D. 2014 (USDA) Andrew Thompson, M.S. 2014 (Lockheed Martin) David Martinez, M.S. 2012 (AECOM) Kristen Naber, M.S. 2012 (Sandia National Laboratories) Harrison Bucy, M.S. 2011 (Sandia National Laboratories) Kelly Fagerstone, M.S. 2011 Daniel Thayer, M.S. 2010 (Woodward) Bethany Sparn, M.S. 2009 (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Dave McKenna, M.S. 2008 (AVL) Marcos Villa-Gonzalez, M.S. 2007 (ESCO) Mark Wessel, M.S. 2007 (Picattiny Arsenal) Tim Vaughn, M.S. 2006   Andy Toback, M.S. 2006 (Environex) Matthew Hammill, M.S. 2005 (Melcor) Sarina Colligan, M.S. 2005 (Infineum) Jason Hearne, M.S. 2004 (Navy Lakehurst) Fred Hovermann, M.S. 2002 (Navy Surface Warfare Center)


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