VisualSFM Tutorial

Dan Brogan and I have worked to create a simple tutorial for using VisualSFM for geoscience applications. We used imagery we collected for Skin Gulch, Colorado in October 2015. The link below directs to a downloadable .zip folder that contains a document called How_to_VisualSFM.pdf which has the text and instructions for the tutorial. The only contents necessary to step through the tutorial are the .pdf file, the 'images' folder which contains the .jpg files, and the .csv file.

Click here to download the tutorial.

We hope that this tutorial will be helpful in introducing people to some of the free options available for Structure-from-Motion applications. Feel free to use and/or distribute this tutorial.

Please let us know if 1) you find any mistakes in the tutorial, 2) you have suggestions, or 3) you have questions.

© 2016 Jacob Alan Morgan