Photo of Chris W

Christopher R. Weinberger, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
3317 W. Vine Drive Office: Annex 107
Phone: 970-491-8398
Principal Investigator

Photo of Anik Faisal

Anik Faisal
PhD Student
Atomic level modeling of plasticity in tantalum

Photo of Rofiques Salehin

Rofiques Salehin
PhD Student
Modeling Creep in UHTCs

Xiaochuan Tang

Xiaochuan Tang
Research Associate
Microstructural Damage in Aluminum Alloys

Xiaochuan Tang

Minghao Guo
PhD Student
Computational Materials Science

Former Group Members

Hang Yu, Ph.D.
Thesis: Stacking Faults in the Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides: Stability and Mechanical Properties
C++ Core Development Team, Mathworks Inc.

Matthew C. Guziewski, Ph.D.
Atomistic and Continuum Investigation into the Effect of Interfaces on the Energetics and Mechanical Response of Carbon Steels
Postdoctoral Fellow, Army Research Laboratory

Ian Bakst, Ph.D.
Thesis: The Effects Of Point Defects And Microstructure On The Pseudo-Elasticty Of ThCr2Si2-Type Crystals
Kansas City Plant