American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

Officer Responsibilities

AISES Offices and Responsibilities


  • This society shall elect staff for the following offices: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and faculty advisor.
  • The term of office will begin one day after the last day of spring semester and end the last day of spring semester.
  • All officers must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or better during their term of office, and have accumulated at least 36 credit hours.
  • All officers must remain drug-free during their term of office.
  • Terms shall be held no longer than one calendar year.



  • To preside over all meetings using parliamentary procedure.
  • To call the society meetings to order.
  • To have a prepared agenda for each meeting.
  • To properly oversee all business concerning the society.
  • To sign letters and documents that pertains to the will of the society.
  • To appoint committees when necessary.
  • To call regular meetings when needed, for the best interests of the society

Vice President


  • To assume the duties of president in the event the president is absent.
  • To invite nominations for the office of Vice President to replace them while acting as President.
  • To follow the progress of committee work and to see that their duties are properly carried out.




  • To keep an accurate record of all proceedings during an official meeting.
  • To prepare the minutes to be read at the beginning of each meeting.
  • To see that the minutes will be approved after they are read.
  • To take attendance of members at each meeting.
  • To handle all correspondence pertaining to the society no assigned to any other officers.
  • To keep accurate records of all official documents of the society.
  • To file with the campus activities office of the Lory Student Center a current copy of our constitution.
  • To insure all members are mailed copies of official meeting dates and official notices.
  • To list the official meetings in the club clips prior to each meeting.
  • To maintain current membership and member address listings.
  • To document votes for and against any motions.
  • To inform all members in writing of any new policies at least 7 days before the vote on policies, and at least 14 days before the vote on amendments.
  • To file an annual report with AISES National Headquarters.
  • To check the student mailbox(es) and route accordingly on a regular basis.



AISES Offices and Responsibilities




  • Keep a current and accurate account of all financial transactions conducted by the society.
  • To pay from society funds all costs incurred by the society.
  • To act as chair of the fundraising committee.
  • To be aware of all ASCSU regulations, account responsibilities, guidelines, and deadlines.
  • To oversee the process of applying for monies with ASCSU (such as long bill).
  • To actively seek financing for the society from all possible sources, including Colorado State University, private, federal and tribal governments.
  • To provide upon request to any member, or official of Colorado State University the financial records of the society.

Faculty Advisor

  • Must be full-time faculty or staff of Colorado State University.
  • Act as a mediator during meetings when needed.
  • Knows administrative and legal matters pertaining to student societies and advises society on such matters.
  • Shall attend all society meetings if possible.
  • Advisor shall have the same rights as a subsidiary member.
  • Advisor shall be on hand during elections to count ballots and swear in the new officers.
  • Advisor shall be nominated and elected as vacancies arise and/or the society deems necessary.

In addition, we take every opportunity to participate in campus sponsored outreach events like CSUnity in the Spring and Fall Cleanup in the Fall. These programs provide outdoor yard work to the elderly and/or physically limited residents of Fort Collins.

If you are interested in joining us for any of these community outreach events, please contact us at _________.  All majors are welcome.