1) What do I do if my card isn't working on a proximity reader?

The card reader does not beep when I scan my card.

Determine if the card has a proximity chip. This can be done most easily by scanning the card in front of a proximity reader. If the reader beeps, the card has a chip, even if the user isn't set up to access that door. You can also check with the RamCard office at Lory Student Center 271 where they can check for a chip in the card. If the card doesn't have a chip, you should obtain a new RamCard from the RamCard office.

The card reader beeps, but does not unlock the door.

Ensure that the door is not already unlocked. If the middle light on a reader is slowly blinking green, this means the door is already unlocked and one must simply pull the door open. Note that for most doors, the door handle remains locked even when the door strike is unlocked so you must pull the door open. Some doors must be pushed and then pulled open, or vice-versa, once unlocked using the card reader, which allows the electronic strike to release. Please try this if you should have access to a door but cannot get it open.

I don't have access to a door, but I should.

Engineering faculty and staff, Engineering students, and students taking Engineering classes should automatically have access to all standard Engineering card readers, including college computer labs, electronic classrooms, and building access. If you are in one of the above categories and do not have access, please create an Engineering account. If you already have an Engieering account and still do not have access, contact us.

If you need access to a non-standard door, please get approval from your adviser and submit a card access request.

2) I got a replacement RamCard and now my access doesn't work. What do I do?

When the RamCard Office issues a replacement ID, there can be a delay of up to two hours before your new issue code is updated in the card reader system. This process is automatic. If after two hours you still don't have access, please contact us and we will glady investigate the issue.

3) Which buildings in the College of Engineering have card readers?

The readers for each building entry are located as follows:
  • Scott Bioengineering: The west and south doors.
  • Engineering: The west (facing the LSC) and north (B-wing, facing the Engineering parking lot), and south (facing the round planter) doors.
  • Glover: The east door (facing the fountain).
  • Engineering Research Center (ERC): The east near the elevator) and north doors.
  • Atmospheric Science: The main entrance to each building at the Atmospheric Science campus.
  • Advanced Beam Laboratory: The north and south doors.
  • Atmospheric Simulation Laboraotry (Sim Lab): The west door.

4) Can I prop a door open? How do I request a scheduled unlock of a reader?

Do not prop any doors open with card readers including the doors to the computer labs and building entrances. The readers are there to help keep Engineering equipment in the engineering labs and out of unscrupulous people's homes; not to mention your personal safety.
If you would like to request a scheduled unlock of a door with a card reader, submit a request using the Contact Us page at least 48 business hours in advance.

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