Tailings Storage Facilities Risk and the Human Element
Evaluation of Liquefaction in Tailings and Mine Waste: An Update

1A - Geotechnical Considerations 1
Compression Behavior of Filtered Tailings and Waste Rock Mixtures
Filter-Pressed Dry Stacking – Design Considerations Based on Practical Experience
The Shear Strength of Filtered Tailings and Waste Rock Blends
Toward the Sensible Use of Tailings Filtering Technology

1B - Geochemistry 1
Bench-Scale Nitrate and Sulphate Biochemical Reactor Case Study, Amulsar Amine, Armenia
Geochemical Behavior of Different Waste Rock Configurations from the Lac Tio Mine. . .
Passive As & Mn Removal in Neutral MIW
Pile Scale Models for Acid Rock Drainage Prediction and Their Application

1C - Reclamation & Remediation 1
Closure of Abandoned and Derelict Asbestos Mines - Design, Construction and Monitoring
Evaluation of Physical Parameters in Environmental Desulfurization by Flotation for Production of Reclamation Cover. .
Remediation Design of a Uranium Mill Tailings Pond

1D - Risk-Informed Decision Making
Assessing Water Management Risks by Integrating Tailings Deposition and Water Balance Modeling
Assessment of Design and Operating Practices of the Risks Associated with Waste Rock Stockpiles
Risk Informed Design of a Large Scale, Lined Tailings Storage Facility
Risk Management by Tailings Storage Facility Dam Classification

2A - Geotechnical Considerations 2
Fine Coal Refuse - 25 Years of Field and Laboratory Testing Data and Correlations
Geotechnical Considerations to Reduce Adverse Impacts of Mine Waste Rock Dumps on the Environment
Scale-effect Considerations for Shear Strength Assessment of Coal Mine Spoil

2B - Design & Operation 1
Alternative Approaches to Management and Closure of Tailings Storage Facilities
Benefits of Rotational, Thin Layer, Air Dried Tailing Deposition after 25-Years of Operation of the Juniper Tailing Storage Facility
Leading Versus Lagging Indicators of Tailings Dam Integrity
Tailings Facility Performance - 2017 & 2018

2C - Reclamation & Remediation 2
Effectiveness of Oxygen Barriers under Climate Change - Definition of a Drought Index
Informing Evapotranspirative Cover Design with Plant Water Use Efficiency
Soil Health & Biotic Soils via 5 Fundamentals for Sustainable and Cost Effective Mine Rehabilitation

2D - Site Investigation 1
TMW Site Characterization for Life Cycle of TSF

3A - Geotechnical Considerations 3
Assessing Oil Sands Tailings Consolidation Parameters Relative to Long-term Reclamation
Desiccation of Tailings in an Instrumented Column under Laboratory and Atmospheric Conditions
Improved Methodology for TSF Capacity Prediction
Review of Alternative Tailings Disposal Methods for Water Management

3B - Geochemistry 2
Impact of Calcium Hydroxide on the Equipment and Process of Oil Sands Tailings Treatment
Understanding Mineralogical Composition, Weathering, and Alteration to Manage ML-ARD in a Base-Metal Tailings Storage Facility

3C - Design & Operation 2
Characterization of Ancient Mine Wastes - An Approach for Environmental Management and Metals Recovery

3D - Geosynthetics
4A - Geotechnical Considerations 4
4B - Design & Operation 3
4C - Reclamation & Remediation 3
4D - Water Management
5A - Geotechnical Considerations 5
5B - Geochemistry 3
5C - Site Investigation 2
5D - Regulations
6A - Geotechnical Considerations 6
6B - Design and Operations 3