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Spring 2019 Lecture Notes

The class lecture notes are available as Adobe PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. Please note:  The PDF files on this web site are protected by a password.  This is available only to students in this course. If you are in the course and need the password, please e-mail the instructor.



Lecture No.

Lecture Topic

PDF Document

Tues., Jan. 22


Introduction to ECE 548 and Microwave / RF Engineering


Thurs., Jan. 24


Review of EM fundamentals; plane electromagnetic waves

Lecture 1

Tues., Jan. 29


Energy and power; Poynting's theorem; loss in a good conductor

Lecture 2

Thurs., Jan. 31


Review of transmission line theory; loads on lossless lines; general solution for guided waves

Supplement: Voltage, current and impedance on lossless transmission lines

Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Supplement

Tues., Feb. 5


Waveguide mode propagation in rectangular and circular guides

Lecture 4

Thurs., Feb. 7


Attenuation of TE11 mode in a circular guide

Lecture 4, cont.

Tues., Feb. 12


Attenuation of TM modes in circular guides; introduction to planar transmission lines

Supplement A:  Designer's Guide to Stripline Circuits
Supplement B:  Designer's Guide to Microstrip Line

Lecture 5

Supplement A

Supplement B

Thurs., Feb. 14


Stripline; microstrip line; comparison of loss among circular waveguide, stripline and microstrip

Lecture 6

Tues., Feb. 19


Microwave network analysis; equivalent voltages and currents for TE10 mode; impedance and admittance matrices; reciprocal and lossless networks

Supplement:  Review of matrices

Lecture 7



Thurs., Feb. 21


Scattering matrix, [Sij], for reciprocal and lossless networks; examples of 4-port networks with generalized terminations

Lecture 8

Tues., Feb. 26


Tee and Pi equivalent circuits; transmission [ABCD] networks; shift in reference planes

Lecture 9

Thurs., Feb. 28


Discontinuities and modal analysis; probe-fed rectangular guides; impedance matching and tuning; lumped element transformers; stub tuners; quarter-wave tuners

Lecture 10

Tues., Mar. 5


Design of single- and double-stub tuners with shunt stubs; worked examples

Lecture 11

Thurs., Mar. 7


Design of binomial and Chebyshev multi-section matching transformers; worked examples

Lecture 12

Tues., Mar. 12


No Class Make-up class on Apr. 3


Thurs., Mar. 14


No Class Make-up class on Apr. 17


Tues., Mar. 19


No Class -- Spring Break


Thurs., Mar. 21


No Class -- Spring Break


Tues., Mar. 26


Exact and approximate solutions for Chebyshev multi-section matching transformers; tapered line matching sections; Bode-Fano criteria for matching networks

Lecture 13

Thurs., Mar. 28


Practical design of microwave terminations; microwave resonators; Q; bandwidth; loaded Q; resonant transmission lines; microstrip resonators; rectangular waveguide cavities

Rectangular cavity fields

Lecture 14

Lecture 14A

Tues., Apr. 2


Q of a rectangular cavity; cylindrical and dielectric resonators; microwave oven resonators

Lecture 15

Wed., Apr. 3

(Make-up class at 3:30 pm)


Three-port networks; circulators; power dividers

Lecture 16

Thurs., Apr. 4


Bethe-hole directional coupler; quadrature hybrids

Lecture 17

Tues., Apr. 9


No Class Make-up class on Apr. 26


Thurs., Apr. 11


No Class Make-up class on May 1


Tues., Apr. 16


Design of coupled-line coupler; Lange coupler; examples

Rat-race coupler

Lecture 18

Lecture 18A

Wed., Apr. 17

(Make-up class at 3:30 pm)


Image parameter method of filter design; constant-k, m-derived filters

Lecture 19

Thurs., Apr. 18


Insertion loss method of filter design; low-pass filter prototypes; transformation to HPF, BPF and BSF

Lecture 20

Tues., Apr. 23


No Class Make-up class on May 2


Thurs., Apr. 25


Richards' transformation; Kuroda's identities; examples of microstrip filter design and analysis

Lecture 21

Fri., Apr. 26

(Make-up class at 2:30 pm)


Stepped impedance filters; lumped element high-pass filters

Lecture 22

Tues., Apr. 30


Transmission Line Utility; coupled-line filters; metallization effects

Lecture 23

Wed., May 1

(Make-up class at 3:30 pm)


Noise in microwave systems

Lecture 24

Thurs., May 2


Noise of cascaded systems

Lecture 25

Thurs., May 2

(Make-up class at 12:30 pm)


Detectors and mixers; harmonic and intermodulation distortion


Tues., May 7


Design Project Lecture

Thurs., May 9


Finish missing topics and Review for Final Exam

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