Lecture PowerPoints

Session 1 - Introduction to Urban Water Systems and Class Overview

Session 2 - Intro to Holistic Urban Water Management

Session 3 – See Project #1 Assignment

Session 4

-          Schematic Diagram of Alternative Urban Water Mgmt Scenarios

-          Example of a spreadsheet Urban Water Systems Model

-          Example Water Balance Spreadsheet

Session 6 – Graywater Reuse

Session 7 – Introduction to Water Distribution System Analysis

Session 9 – Problem 2 Assignment

Session 13 – Introduction to USEPA SWMM

Session 16 – Introduction to SSOs and RDII

-          Lecture PowerPoint

-          MMSD SSO Pamphlet – side one

-          MMSD SSO Pamphlet – side two

Session 17 – Problem 3 Assignment

Session 20 – Analysis of RDII

-          Basic Concept of RDII Determination

-          Example of RDII Determination – McAlpine Ck, Node 22130

-          To learn about Hydrograph Decomposition, open the folder Z_SHAPE in the class folder and click on “SHAPE Beta-”.  Then open SHAPE using the icon on your Programs Menu and open the Help file.  In the Contents section, go to RDII Analysis/Components of Wet Weather Flow and scroll through the section.

-          If you wish to run the model, go to the Demo folder in Z_SHAPE and open “SHAPE-DEMO_Draft.wmv”  This will show you how to input the data.  You will need to use the Rain and Flow files in the Demo folder to run SHAPE.  The Sample Sets contain additional examples.

Session 22 – Sewer Rehabilitation Technologies

Session 25 – Introduction to CSOs