MECH 337


Catalog Description: This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of properties and states of a substance, energy, entropy, processes and cycles; and the laws of thermodynamics. These concepts will be applied to the analysis of engineering systems and thermodynamic cycles for power generation and refrigeration.


Textbook: Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, 7th Edition, Moran and Shapiro, 2010, Wiley



Instructor: Anthony J. Marchese                                      Download Course Syllabus here

Office: A103 H Engineering

Lab: Engines and Energy Conversion Lab
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home and objectives
Grading Policy
  • Homework, Quizzes and Class Participation(30%). Approximately 5 to 8 homework problems will be assigned each week. Assignments must be done on engineering paper in the format specified on the syllabus. Last assignments will not be collected (i.e. late = 0), but the lowest homework grade will be dropped. Each week, 2 to 3 problems will be graded in detail at random. 20% of your grade will be based on having attempted all problems; 80% of your grade will be based on the graded problems. Ten-minute, in-class quizzes will be given on the day that homework is due.
  • Exam 1 (20%). A 1.5-hour, closed book exam will be given at approximately the 6th week of the class. A 1-page cheat sheet will be allowed.
  • Exam 2 (20%). A 1.5-hour, closed book exam will be given at approximately the 12th week of the class. A 1-page cheat sheet will be allowed.
  • Final Exam (30%). A comprehensive, 2-hour closed book final exam will be given during the final exam week. A 2-page cheat sheet will be allowed.
Attendance Policy and Rules
  • Attendance at each class is required. Class participation is a key component of the course grade. If you cannot make it to class, you must contact me prior to class.
  • Please don't be late to class. When students stroll in late, I always lose my train of thought…and then I have to start all over again.
  • Cell phones: off. No text messaging. (Obviously, if you have some sort of emergency situation where you need to leave your cell phone on, please let me know prior to class.)
  • Bring your calculators to class, since we will work on a lot of problems in class.
  • Lap tops are allowed for calculation and/or note taking, but surfing the web is forbidden, unless I ask you to visit a URL in support of the lecture.
  • Homework is due at the beginning of class;  drop it off in front of the class on your way in.  Late homework assignments will not be collected (late = 0), but I will drop the lowest homework grade.

Academic Honesty

All Mechanical Engineering students are required to adhere to the Policies and Guiding Principles (section 1.6 of the CSU general catalog) governing student conduct, and the Mechanical Engineering Student Academic Integrity Policy, which can be found at the following link:

Note that I adhere strictly to this policy!

course outline and notes
homework assignments
design of the week
rules and grading

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