Three Hole Geometrical Challenge

Abstractions: Symbolic, Graphical, and Geometrical Representions Assignment

MECC192 Homework Assignment

Due October 10 at 5 p.m.

Fall 2003

Assignment Objective:   Using various kinds of abstractions and representations, this exercise is to (1) envision, (2) graphically represent, and (3) produce a 3D form.

Solution Requirements:  The solution must meet the requirements of being a single, solid object that will pass all the way through each hole of the mating block while filling all three holes edge to edge and corner to corner.

Mating Block Description:   A solid rectilinear block which has been pierced with a circular, triangular, and square holes.  The circle's diameter, the triangle's altitude and base, and the square's sides all have the same unit dimension.   The walls of the three holes are perpendicular to the flat front face (or plane) of the block.

Process to Follow:   Envision a working solution to the problem described above.  Make sketches and seek a graphical representation of the solution. Consciously interate between envisioning a solution and making sketches of possible solutions.  Critically analyze your possible solutions until you find an elegant solution.  Finally, create a 3-D model of your solution.

Ideas to Get Started:  You can simulate the pierced block by making a cardboard or posterboard cut-out.  Using scissors or Exacto knife and the poster/cardboard materials, create prototype solutions by actual "cut-and-try" prototyping methods.

To Hand In:  Please hand in a (1) final sketch, (2) your mating block and (3) 3-D shape you have fabricated that solves the design problem.  Be sure your name is on all three.

Due Date:  Friday, October 10 at 5 p.m. to the MECC192 box located inside the ME office.