MECC192  - Goals of Course 

                > introduce the profession of mechanical engineering.
                > illuminate the practice of mechanical engineering.
                > appreciate the role of mechanical engineers and the contributions to society.
                > make a distinction between science and engineering while presenting the role of mathematics in solving engineering problems.
                > introduce student "survival skills and best practices" for success.
                > introduce you to university student services, library privileges, conduct standards/expectations, and educational goals and values.
                > introduce application software to be used in your engineering education.
                  > need to work hard and you will be challenged.
                > solve analytical engineering problems.
                > gain skills in using Mathcad, Matlab, and other application software.
                > work on open-ended, design problems.
                > become familiar with the resources available to you.
                > embrace responsibility and ethics central to the engineering profession.
                > appreciate the history of mechanical engineering and Colorado State University.                 > be an academically rigorous learning experience.
                > be intellectually stimulating with the expectations associated  with demonstrating competence.
                > offer you the freedom to develop individually, and the responsibilities associated with that freedom.
                > further your understanding as to why you have chosen to study mechanical engineering.
                > be an enjoyable component of your 1st semester at Colorado State.
                > engage in group projects involving engineering design, manufacturing, report writing, and presentation.
                  > enjoy your 1st semester and the challenges involved.
                > attend class and labs.
                > recognize and actively pursue your education outside of the classroom and laboratory.
                > meet your professors and teaching assistants.
                > explore all the resources available to you at Colorado State.
                > study above and beyond what is covered in textbooks, lectures, class discussions, and the laboratory.
                > be fair and honest with each other.
                > persevere and be humble.