How to use the On-Line Catalog

When you click on the On-Line Catalog link you will gain access to the OSLC on-line catalog shown here:

The Catalog Screen Shot

Both authors and/or editors are listed in the Author-column. In the last column is listed the Call Number under which the volume is shelved as well as the (ACC#) which the library uses to keep track of books.

The catalog is too long to browse easily so you will likely want to use the search engine in the upper-right corner. You may type in one or more words to search for a title or an author. If you type in more than one word, it will only display those entries that have the words in the exact order you entered them with no words in between. This is actually very useful when searching for book listed under a given Dewey Decimal Classification. The search recognizes blanks. Thus if you type "make" it brings up entries with the word make, but also with the words maker and shoemaker. However, if you type "make " or if you type " make ", different sets come up, the last one bringing up only entries with stand alone "make", that is, it will leave out books that begin with that word or have the word in parentheses or quotes. Give it a try yourself to see how it works and why. Finally note that the search is case insensitive.

After you type one or more words or symbols, you must press the search key. Also, you must press the clear key to return to the main catalog. If you use the back arrow on your browser, you will leave the catalog and return to the previous page.

Happy Browsing!

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