Questions and Answers

Who can check out books?

Anyone! If you are a member of OSLC, simply fill out the book card using your first and last names. If you are not a member of OSLC, you need to give us your name, address, phone number, and email address if you have one. Cards for doing this are in the Library, but you can also send us an email with the information. Click on "Stay in Touch" on the main page navigation bar.

What is the procedure to check out books?

Inside each book is its library card. Put your full name on the card and the date you are checking it out. Place the card in the box next to the card catalog. The library works on the honor system, so please fill out the card and return the book on time.

How long can I keep a book?

We ask that you return a book after you have had it for three weeks. You may check it out again after a two week waiting period. "SERENDIPITY"- that describes what we want to happen when people browse the library. When a book has "gone missing", then someone will not have the good fortune of coming across it while browsing our stacks.

Can I request that the library buy a book it does not have?

Yes. The library has a small budget for buying books and we consider all requests we receive. In addition, we have a wish list for those people who want to donate money to the library for purchasing new acquisitions. However, keep in mind two facts: (1) there is limited shelf space, and (2) the library has been established to serve specific needs. Therefore, the Library Committee must decide what books fit the library's raison d'etre.

Can I donate a book I already have?

Yes, the library is always happy to receive books for review. Again, the two facts mentioned in the previous answer apply here as well. Any donated book not placed in the OSLC collection will be donated to some other charitable organizaion.

What appears on the "Featured" pages on the navigation menu?

Approximately every month the library will put a new feature on this page. It might be a featured book, or a featured author, or a featured article or topic. In each case, it is something we feel the members of OSLC might be interested in reading. Be sure to click on it each time you visit our page.

What about the "Book Reviews" on the navigation menu?

The books reviews presented on this page have all been written by members of OSLC; therefore, they often carry information that the reviewer believes may be of particular interest to OSLC.

Can I write a review?

We welcome people of OSLC to submit reviews of books in our library in which they have a special interest. We ask that you discuss the format and content with someone on the Library Committee to make sure your review will fit our purposes. Of course, any information that appears on the web under the name of OSLC must be reviewed for its contents, and be judged acceptable.

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