Loving Jesus
Mark Allan Powell

Many members of Our Saviour's are familiar with Mark Allan Powell through reading Opening the book of faith and watching the video that was presented in study groups associated with The Book of Faith Initiative of the ELCA. In this book, Powell exhibits the same personal communication skills.

Perhaps the title needs clarification - "Loving" is not an adjective that modifies Jesus (although Jesus is certainly loving); rather, it is a present participle. The participial phrase "Loving Jesus" is about us, how we express our love toward Jesus.

It is a book about spirituality, how a Christian can live a life in a loving relationship with Jesus, and how we express that relationship in all that we do. For example, consider these excerpts from the chapter "Sunday Morning" :
Where do we get the idea that what happens in church is about us? It is about the Lord's day. We go to worship the Lord.

If I were a pastor of a congregation right now, I would tell my people, "This hour is for adoring God, for praising Jesus Christ, for giving thanks to our Lord who is so good to us. That is why we are here. That is what we have come to do. If you get blessed, it's a bonus, a by-product. It's nice when that happens. We hope it happens a lot - but it's not why we're here. This is the Lord's day, and we have come to worship the Lord."
The above excerpts fairly well summarize the theme of the entire book. Our lives should be focused on Jesus, not ourselves.

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Fort Collins, Colorado