Our Chistmases

Our Family Photo Album

Our H-K Reunions

Our Thanksgivings with the Wilmsens

Our Thompson Genealogy

Slide show of HK Gatherings

Our year among Castles

Alta, Norway, 1998

2004 Thanksgiving in Houghton

2004 Christmas in Baton Rouge

2005 Summer in Colorado

2005 Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

2005 Christmas in Houghton

2006 Reunion in Colorado

2007 SMU Golden Mustangs

2007 Summer in Colorado

2007 Herb Brokering at OSLC

2007 Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

2007 Christmas in Houghton

2008 Summer in Colorado

2008 OBAMA in Fort Collins

2008 Oregon Trip

2008 Advent at Gloria Dei

2008 Thanksgiving in Houghton

2008, Christmas in Baton Rouge

2009, Odegards in Colorado for Carly's Wedding

2009, Family reunion in Houghton

2009, Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

2009, Christmas in Houghton

2010, James and Marti visit

2010, Family reunion

2010, The Teton Album

2010, Thanksgiving in Houghton

2010, Christmas in Baton Rouge

2011, Family Reunion - Estes, Fort Collins

2011, Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

2011, Christmas in Houghton

2012, Family Reunion - Estes, Fort Collins

2012, Thanksgiving in Houghton

2012, Christmas in Baton Rouge

2013, Norway Trip

2013 Baton Rouge Graduations

2013, Family Reunion - Estes, Fort Collins

2013, Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

2013, Christmas in Houghton

2014, Family Reunion - Fort Collins, Estes, RMNP

2014, Thanksgiving in Houghton

2014, Christmas in Baton Rouge

2015, Family Renion - Fort Collins, Estes, RMNP

2015, Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

2015, Christmas in Houghton

2016, Clare's Graduation

2016 Reunion in Fort Collins and Estes

2016 Thanksgiving in Houghton

2016 Christmas in Baton Rouge

2017 Reunion in Fort Collins and Estes

2016 Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge

MISC: Saint Malo Retreat

MISC: Church Library

MISC: FLNC - test catalog