In the Fall of 1962, Erik and Sidney moved to a small duplex on Possum Trout.
It had no backyard - only a concrete walkway about 5 feet wide.
A chain link fence separated this "back yard"
from the spacious backyard of a house facing 12th street.
Within a few days, Carl leaned over the chain link fence,
said "Hi", and introduced himself to Erik.
Thus began an enduring friendship between two families.

Ann was pregnant at the time, and on November 8th,
Steven was born prematurely.
On Thanksgiving day, Steven was still in the hospital,
and Carl and Ann had Thanksgiving at Erik and Sidney's
- it was the beginning of a tradition,
although none of the four realized it at the time.
Ann was still recovering from the Caesarean birth,
so she retired to the bedroom and took a nap.
The friendship was sealed.