Brita Grinde
FATHER: Erik Grinde
MOTHER: Randi Henjesand
BORN: April 10, 1864; Sogn, Norway
SIBLINGS: Synove (1865), Ole (1869),
Oline (1878), Karina Agnetta (1881),
Edward Andreas (1882), Sigurd Reinhart (1886)
MARRIED: Ole L. Aasgaard November 25, 1887
CHILDREN: Rina(1888), Rina(1889), Erling(1891),
Idun(1893), Alma(1896), Dagny (1898), ,
Idun(1900), Ivanhoe(1903), Wilfred(1905),
DIED: October 18, 1939; Fargo, North Dakota Click
BURIED: Zion Cemetery, Twin Valley, Minnesota Click
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Brita with Siblings.
From left to right
Brita, (Sigurd or Edward), (Oline or Karina),
Ole, Synove, (Karina or Oline)
Either Sigurd or Edward is missing from the photo.

Brita with Mother and Siblings.
From left to right:
(Sigurd or Edward), (Oline or Karina), Brita,
(Sigurd or Edward), Randi, (Oline or Karina), Ole.

Brita Grinde with husband Ole Aasgaard.

Brita with husband Ole Aasgaard.
Children: Erling, Rina, and Idun.
Idun and Rina both died and later children were named for them.

Brita Grinde Aasgaard, January, 1922, age 58.

Brita Grinde Aasgaard, Christmas 1927, age 63.
Dress is the one she wore at the wedding of her
daughter Dagny to Sophus Thompson on December 29, 1926

Brita and her siblings, June 19, 1936
Left to right, as Alma identified them on back of photo:
Mother; Uncle Sig from Rock Island, Ill.
Aunt Carrie from Crookston, Minn.; Uncle Ole from Theif River Falls
Aunt Lena from Duluth, Minn.; Uncle Ed from Twin Valley, Minn.
Picture was taken the day Twin Valley celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Brita Grinde Aasgaard, May 1939, age 75.
Picture was taken in front yard of Fargo home
by Sophus Thompson.
Dagny always kept a framed copy hung in her bedroom on Dyer St.
It is now hung in Erik and Sidney's home in Fort Collins.
She was a lovely person.
Brita Thompson Odegard was named in her honor.