Dagny Herborg Aasgaard
FATHER: Ole Aasgaard
MOTHER: Brita Grinde
BORN: August 1, 1898, Twin Valley, Minnesota
CONFIRMED: December, 1912; Tolna, North Dakota
SIBLING: Rina(1888), Rina(1889), Erling(1891), Idun(1893),
Alma(1896), Idun(1900), Ivanhoe(1903), Wilfred(1905),
MARRIED: Sophus Goodwin Thompson,
December 29, 1926
First Lutheran Church
Fargo, North Dakota
CHILDREN: Sophus Aasgaard Thompson (b:May 12, 1929)
Erik Grinde Thompson (b:May 3, 1934)
DIED: October 16, 1986, Dallas, Texas
BURIED: Hillcrest Cemetery, Dallas, Texas Click

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Birth Place: Twin Valley, Minnesota.
Picture taken August, 1936

Birth Place: Twin Valley, Minnesota.
Picture taken August, 1939

Baby Dagny, date unknown.

Likely in front of the Tulna, North Dakota Home.
From left to right:
Alma, Dagny, Ivanhoe (?), Erling (?),
Rina, Idun (?), Eva (?), Brita.

Siblings. From top-down and from left-right:
Rina, Erling,
Elma, Eva, Ivanoe,
Dagny, Idun

Family, date unknown.
Standing, left to right:
Ivanoe, Erling (in back), Dagny, Idun, Rina (in back), Alma.
Sitting, left to right:
Ole (Father), Wilfred, Eva, Brita (Mother)

Dagny and Alma Confirmation.
December, 1912

Brother Wilfred
Killed during World War I while serving in
U.S. Navy. Dagny kept this picture displayed
in her living room her entire life.

Christmas, 1920

Sophus Thompson and Dagny Aasgaard Wedding

Wedding Party:
Ernest Thompson, back row, on left.
Sophus Thompson, back row, 3rd from left.
Tobios Thompson, back row, 4th from left.
Dagny Aasgaard, front row, 4th from left.
Idun Aasgaard, front row, 6th from left.

Idun, Brita, Dagny, and Eva
622 10th Avenue North
Fargo, North Dakota
July 28, 1928

The Aasgaard home in Fargo, North Dakota
622 10th Avenue North
Moved here in 1918 when Dagny was 20 years old.
Picture taken September 1939

Mother's Day, May 11, 1941
Erik (7yrs), Dagny, Sophus (12yrs)

Formal portrait taken in 1944.

The siblings: Eva, Idun, Ivanhoe, Dagny, and Alma
At the Fredrickson Summer Home,
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
July, 1950.

Dagny and Sophus
25th Wedding Anniverary.
December, 1951
Picture taken in Dyer Street dining room.
Pictures on wall are of Erik and Sophus A.

With Sophus in front of 2936 Dyer St., Dallas.