Dagny's Personal Remembrances of Her Family

During the mid-1950's, Dagny begin writing short remembrances of
what she recalled her parents told her and what she personally
remembered of each person in her family. At the time she had
arthritic fingers and an old typewriter. Here are copies of
what she thought was important to pass on to her children and
all those who were to follow:

Her Parents
Her Mother, Brita Grinde Aasgaard
Her Mother's Family
Her Father, Ole Aasgaard
Her Father's Family
Her Siblings:
Erling(1891) - Erling's Children
Alma(1896) - Alma's Children
Idun(1900) - Idun's Children
Ivanhoe(1903) - Ivanhoe's Children
Eva(1908) - Eva's Children
About herself
Her Husband, Sophus Goodwin Thompson
Her early years of marriage with Sophus
Her Son, Sophus Aasgaard
Her Son, Erik Grinde