Ida Anderson Thompson
FATHER: A. Ole Anderson
MOTHER: Sigrid (Sigri, Sigrud) Johnson
BORN: November 3 (5?), 1877; Dodgeville (Eau Clair), Wisconsin
SIBLINGS: Kari Winness (1860), Thorwald O. Anderson (1866),
Ander O. Anderson (1868); Sorina Olson (1872)
Jan O. Anderson (1875), Edvardt O. Anderson (1876),
MARRIED: Christopher (Kristoffer Torgrimsen Fekjar) Thompson
Sophus ,
Mildred Christine
Freda Valborg
Tobois Oliver
Ernest Jerome
DIED: December 25, 1940; Portland, North Dakota Click
BURIED: Bang Lutheran Church; Steele County, North Dakota Click
NOTES: The name "Skraderhuset" is the family name from Norway.
It is the name of the farm that her far-far
owned in Hedalin Valders, Norway.
Thus, Ole's name often appears as Ole Anderson Skradenhuset.
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Ida Anderson. Date unknown.

The Anderson Family:
Back Row: Left to right
Ida Thompson, Edvardt O. Anderson, Jan O. Anderson, Ander O. Anderson, Kari Winness
Front Row: Left to right
Thorwald O. Anderson, Ole O. Anderson, Sigrid Johnson Anderson, Sorina Olson.

A camping trip - location and date unknown.
Christ, on left; Ida, fourth from left.
Others are not known.