Christopher (Kristoffer Torgrimsen Fekjar) Thompson
FATHER: Torgrim Iversen Fekjar
MOTHER: Gunhild Arnsdatter Hagar
BORN: July 22, 1865 in Hedalen, Norway
MARRIED: Ida Anderson (Skraderhuset) Thompson
CHILDREN: Sophus Goodwin
Tobois Oliver
Mildred Christine
Freda Valborg
Ernest Jerome
DIED: November 15, 1955 Click
BURIED: Bang Lutheran Church Cemetery Click
HISTORY: The arrival in America Click
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Date unknown. Picture taken in Mayville, ND

A camping trip - location and date unknown.
Christ, on left; Ida, fourth from left.
Others are not known.


Erik(7), Christ and Sophus(12)
On the farm in Hatton, N.D., 1941
Christ was 76 years old.
August 1951. Christ was 86 years old.

Christ Thompson
with grandson James Rud (Mildred's son)
during the Summer of 1943. Christ was 78 years old.

On the farm in Hatton, N.D. June, 1943. Christ was 78 years old.
Christ, Rebecca (2), Virginia (3), James (1), Carmen (12),
Sophus (14), Janet (8), Naomi (4), David (5), Erik (9)
Children of Ernest (Rebecca and Virginia)
Children of Tobois (Carmen and Janet)
Children of Mildred (James, Naomi and David)
Children of Sophus (Sophus and Erik)

On the Orville Rud Farm, Portland, ND
July, 1948.
Christ is 83 years old.

Sophus and Dagny Thompson, Mildred Rud,
Ernest and Claudine Thompson, Christ.
On the home farm, Portland, North Dakota.
August 1951. Christ was 86 years old.