Ainsworth to O'Neil

Ainsworth Basset Stuart Atkinson O'Neil

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AinsworthA AinsworthB

BridgeA BridgeB


LongPineA LongPineB


BassettA BassettB

BassetC BassetC

MilePost199 SandHill

BassettE BassettF


StuartA StuartB

StuartC StuartD

StuartE StuartF

AtkinsonA AtkinsonC


EmmetA EmmetB

O'NeilA O'NeilB

The above photos were taken in September, 2008.
My original intent was to bike the entire trail,
from Ainsworth to Norfolk.
However, on the second day, a wind of 28mph
with gusts of 35mph, and predcitions of
similar winds the next day with gust over
40mph along with thunderstorms, convinced me
to end the trip at O'Neil. I will have to
continue another day.
Bicycling from one small community to the next
is always fun, and the section of the Cowboy
Trail shown above is no exception.