Conducting a Search:
Instructions and Tips

This is a combined catalog of five faith libraries, and is very large. Be patient if your browser does not respond as quickly as you think it should.

After the catalog has been loaded, and an initial search made, subsequent searches usually are much faster. Therefore, if you are going to use the catalog often, consider leaving the window open rather than closing it after each search.

The catalog lists all books in the libraries of:

The initials in parentheses are the links shown near the top of the web page. Each will bring up the individual catalog of the corresponding faith community. When you find a book of interest, click the link to its library to find its call number, etc. in that church’s library. An easy way to do this is to use your mouse to cut what you find in this catalog and paste it in the search window of the church's catalog.

You can conduct a search using the windows at the top of each column - simply enter a word in the appropriate window and then press "enter" or "return". The search is case insensitive, and can include more than one word, e.g.

Brown, Raymond
church history

However, it will only find entries that match the string exactly. For example, entering “history, church” will not find entries on “church history”. You can enter words in each column for your search. For example:

Book Author Location
church Brueggemann FUMC

will locate all the books at FUMC by Brueggeman that have “church” in their title. You can change any of the words and conduct another search over the entire library by simply pressing "enter" or "return", that is, it is not necessary to use the "reset" button.

Finally note, only a given number of books are shown on each page, e.g. 25. This is shown just above the table heading. Also shown are the total number of pages for either the entire library, or for your search. By using the up and down button you can view each page.

Good luck, have fun, and pleasant reading!