ATM S 490: Current Weather Analysis (1 CR: Credit/No Credit)
Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ 12:30-1:30PM
Location: Atmospheric Sciences/Geophysics (ATG) 310

Class web page:

Instructor: Scott Powell
Email: spowell3 at uw dot edu
Office: ATG 611
Office Hours: By appointment, though they probably won't be needed

Final Exam: None

Grading: Short weekly worksheets will be handed out at the beginning of each class, and you'll fill them out as the discussion progresses. The worksheets are not intended to test your understanding of complex atmospheric phenomena as much as they are intended to see if you have paid attention to the weekly discussion. The worksheets constitute 100% of your grade. No worksheet will be given during the first week of class. No worksheet grades will be dropped. More details about the worksheets will be given during the first class. A final grade of 60% is required to receive credit for this course.

Description: During the course, we will cover a wide variety of introductory and advanced material concerning atmospheric processes and reading various types of weather maps and data. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the weekly discussion and are welcomed to participate in the discussion. This course is appropriate for any student with any interest in the weather, locally or around the world, and it should serve as a forum for students to talk about any weather events they find interesting. We will particularly focus on major weather events that occur around the world. Since we are in Winter Quarter, many of the discussions will likely focus on frontal systems and winter storms in the US, which could include severe weather events in the southern US. Each week, we will look at local weather over the last few days in the Pacific Northwest and time permitting, look at the forecast for the next several days.