CS/ECE 561: Assignments/Project

Course Policies


Homework and Reading Assignments

Homework and reading assignments will be posted on Canvas. Only homework assignments require submission and must be submitted via Canvas. Nothing needs to be turned in for reading assignments. All homework assignments must be completed individually. You can discuss with others, but ultimately the work should be your own. Try and show all the steps used to arrive at your solutions. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Project Logistics and Details

In the course project, you have to explore some facet of embedded system design. Your project can involve developing a piece of software, hardware, or an analysis of some challenging aspect of embedded system design. I will present some potential topics during the first week of class, but you are free to suggest other topics as well, as long as they pertain to embedded systems in some way. In addition to developing any software/hardware demo you must also write a report no more than 10 pages long, A4 single-spaced, two-column, 10pt font text, in standard IEEE format. Microsoft Word and Latex templates can be found here. The project can be done individually or in groups of 2-3 students. The key to doing well on your project is to do a project related to any research, development, or design work you are doing at CSU or at your company related to embedded systems.

Other suggestions include getting started as soon as possible, finding a fun topic, and recruiting a good partner who can complement your skills. An interim report (can be a working draft) for thisĀ  project will be required mid-semester for me to assess your ongoing work and give you feedback. Just like the literature survey, a benefit of doing well on this project is that you might produce work that can be published in a conference or a workshop. If your project paper is deemed worthy of being published in an IEEE conference or workshop, you will automatically get an A+ at the end of the course.

Sample Projects/Reports:

  • Evaluating Task Scheduling for an FPGA based Embedded Linux System [pdf]
  • Embedded Home Security System [pdf]
  • Novel Hybrid Photonic Network-on-Chip for Emerging Chip Multiprocessors [pdf]
  • Dynamically Adaptive Inverted Pendulum Platform [pdf] (Winner of NASA Space Grant Symposium Award)
  • Roving Wireless Sensor Network [pdf]
  • Interactive Teaching Guitar [pdf]
  • Software partitioning technique for an RF matching network on an embedded system [pdf]