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Report on the 2001 All Class Reunion

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Some say that as many as 900 people attended the all class reunion on June 23, 2001! I've also heard that the reunion saw participants from the class of 1933 through the present senior class. All agreed it was a wonderful time of renewing friendships.

The first Estes Park High School All Alumni Reunion took place on June 23rd and 24th, 2001. An estimated 800-1000 people attended the events.

Friday night many classes met at various locations for dinner and drinks.

The official festivities began on Saturday at noon at Stanley Park. Estes Deli and Catering prepared a great BBQ lunch. Second Shot Photography took class photos throughout the afternoon. There were plenty of activities for the little ones while we caught up, and it was neat to see our kids playing at the same park and climbing the same rocks we did. The former EPHS cheerleaders formed a human pyramid. As the afternoon turned to evening, the band Bob's Sister took the stage and entertained the crowd until dusk.

The brunch on Sunday featured a couple speakers most of us knew well. Coach Black talked about the old days of athletics and how things have both changed and stayed the same at EPHS. Karl Ebel was given a standing ovation and spoke about his days as principle of the elementary school. Folks were encouraged to tour the school buildings following the brunch.

The Estes Park High School Alumni Association hosted this memorable event. You are invited to join us now as a member of this organization.

Todd McIntyre '78 welcomes graduates to the Reunion!

Cheerleaders of the 00's cheer on cheerleaders of the '80's as they attempt a pyramid!

Katie Newsom '83
Cathy (Renner) Bowles '86 & Carolyn (Backstrum) Thompson '83
??? & ??? & Lori (Burcaw) Metzler '84
Deneen Loria '85 & Dianna Hyatt '84 & ??? & ??? && Gina (Lord) Ownby '82
(Can you identify any of the others?
Let me know!)

Karl Ebel addresses alumni in the new High School student center.

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