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Corrine Parker

Corrine Tara Parker, salutatorian of the class of 1987, passed away in Seward, Nebraska on August 30, 1995. She married Micah Parker of Grand Island, Nebraska on September 1, 1990 and was working on her doctorate in the biological sciences at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln at the time of her death.

--from the Trail Gazette of Estes Park, 9/8/95

From Micah Parker, 19 July, 1996:

[Corrine] died of a virus that attacked her heart and killed her very quickly. Two nights before she passed away she had run 7 miles and then lifted weights. She was sick the next day, and died the next morning in bed.

At the time of her death she was working on a Ph.D in molecular genitics. Her research had gone very well. She had numerous publications in scientific journals and had presented her research throughout the country. She had also been awarded several large grants to continue her research after graduation. She planned on teaching at the college level after we started a family.

At the time of her death she was still running in road races and doing quite well. She finished her college career as a 4 time NAIA All-American. After graduation, she kept up her training and was continually getting faster. We were planning on running the Boston marathon together next year and our ultimate goal was to complete the iron-man tri-athalon.

Her hobbies included refinishing antique furniture, cooking great Italian food, and reading her Bible. Corrine was an incredible person; beautiful, smart, athletic, etc. However, none of that meant anything on the morning of Augest 30, 1995. The only thing that mattered on that morning was the fact that she had given her life to Jesus Christ and, as a result, is in heaven as you are reading this. I miss her very much, but as her husband, she always informed me it was my job to make sure she was happy. It is hard to write this, but I'm glad she is not with me anymore, but is in heaven instead. The reason I'm telling you all of this is because she prayed for many of you by name each night. She always felt bad about not keeping in touch with high school friends, but she prayed for many of you. I remember her praying for Amy, Shannon, Julie, John, and many others I can't remember. I know that Corrine would want me to tell you that she would love it for the rest of you to join her in heaven. This can only happen through faith in Jesus Christ. If you have questions about how this can happen for you, or her life, please feel free to write: M. Parker, 800 N. Columbia, Seward, Nebr. 68434 or call 402-643-3107 (leave a message, I'll get back to you).

Some incredible things have happened to me as a result of her death. I've been blessed with many speaking and writing opportunities about these experiences. I'll leave you with the last thing she wrote to me. She left this on my large memo board in my office two days before she went to heaven - how ironic and beautiful:

"When the Lord allows a wicked man to suffer, he sometimes lets a Godly man experience the same trial - so that he can show how to overcome in God's love" Those words have helped me go on because I know the story of her earthly death and heavenly life can help others know Jesus - which is ultimately what she lived for.

In Christ - Micah Parker

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