Alumni Directory Entry for EPHS Class of 1980

Kevin Kester

  • address
  • 281 Tall Tree Hill
    Los Gatos, CA 95033
  • telephone
  • (408) 353-9884
  • family
  • Jeffrey Kester 03-11-94
  • e-mail address
  • occupation
  • Director of Software Engineering at Brooktrout Technology
  • other information
  • I've been living in the San Francisco Bay area since '94 and loving it (except for the crowds). I'm working in the computer telephony industry making all those annoying little automated phone systems that drive us all nuts! I was married in '90 and untied the knot in the fall of '98. In '99 I moved to the Santa Cruz mountains where my son and I have fun watching all the animals and hiking through the redwoods. Drop me an email!

    This information supplied by Kevin Kester on 8/3/98 and updated on 7/29/00
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