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Research Interests and Projects

Bio-complexity - Interactions between stream networks, food web networks, and road networks I-WATER: Integrated Water, Atmosphere, Ecosystems Education and Research
Pan Evaporation Paradox and Regional Evapotranspiration Evapotranspiration Trends and Climate Change
Regional Evapotranspiration and Bouchet's Hypothesis Regional Evapotranspiration - An Enhanced Advection Aridity Model
Channel Network Evolution Interactive Infiltration and Microtopography
Energy expenditure and downstream hydraulic geometry Distributed hydrologic modeling
Statistical-Dynamical Parameterization of Canopy Rainfall Interception Modeling Dynamics of Continental Scale Water Budgets
Integrated Vulnerability Assessments of Climate Variability on hydrologic, ecologic, and socioeconomic systems Statistical-Dynamic Water Balance Models for Regional-Scale Climate Impacts Analysis
Erosion and Sediment Dynamics of Arroyo Systems Optimal Irrigation Scheduling
Hydroclimatology of Desert South West Land Surface Atmosphere Interactions
Modeling and Simulation of Spatial and Temporal Precipitation Patterns in Coastal Mountainous Regions More on Downstream Hydraulic Geometry
Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program in Water Research  AGU Hydrology Days