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   Pierre Y. Julien, Ph.D., P.Eng.

        Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
        Engineering Research Center B-205
        Colorado State University
        Fort Collins, CO 80523

            Tel: (970)-491-8450
            Updated in June 2018


Dr. Julien is a Registered  Professional Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the field of sediment transport and river engineering.  He developed state-of-the-art computer models in hydrology and hydraulics for the simulation of water, sediment and contaminant transport at the watershed scale. He improved sediment transport calculations in rivers with fast numerical solutions of the Einstein integrals. He contributed to the analysis of sedimentation in reservoirs, river dynamics and local scour. He completed projects for more than 50 different professional organizations and governmental agencies including the World Bank, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Bureau of Reclamation, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. He was a speaker and moderator at the World Water Forum and served as Editor of the ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. He delivered more than 25 keynote addresses at International Conferences.

Dr. Julien completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Laval University in the field of hydraulics.  He pursued post-doctoral studies in sedimentation at Colorado State University in 1983.  He became Faculty Affiliate (1983-1985), Assistant Professor (1985-1989), Tenured Associate Professor (1989-1994), and Tenured Full Professor (1995-). He served as Associate Dean for International Research and Development (2006-07).

Dr. Julien received the 2004 H.A. Einstein Award for his research in sedimentation and river mechanics.  He also delivered the 2015 Hunter Rouse Lecture of the ASCE/EWRI in 2015. He authored more than 600 scientific contributions including two textbooks, 35 book chapters and lecture manuals, 190 refereed articles in scientific journals, 250 professional presentations, and 150 technical reports.  Under his guidance, 40 Ph.D. and 110 Masters students completed their graduate degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  

    River Mechanics, Cambridge University Press (2nd Ed. 2018)
    Superfund Site External Technical Review Board Member (2016-)
    Session moderator at the World Water Forum (2015)
    Benchmarking CWPRS operations for the World Bank (2012-13)
    Intl. Expert on Four Major River Restoration, South Korea (2011-12)
    Erosion and Sedimentation, Cambridge Univ. Press (2nd Ed. 2010)
    River Management Manual for the DID in Malaysia (2008-09)
    Associate Dean for Intl. Research and Development at CSU (2006-07)
    Editor of the ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (2002-05)
    Modeling fate and transport of metals at an EPA Superfund site (2002-06)
    Upland erosion reviews, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1998-99)
    Lower Mississippi River Sedimentation Review, Louisiana Hydro. (1998-00)
Morphology of the Rio Grande, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (1997-)
    Training expert on soil erosion control, CID/ World Bank (1996)


  Awards and Honors
    • Post-graduate scholarship from the National Research Council of Canada, CNRC-NSERC, 1977-79.
    • NATO Post-doctoral fellowship, administered by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, CNRC_NSERC, 1983-85.
    • Best Paper Award, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, ASAE, 1986.
    • J.C. Stevens Award of the American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, 1989.
    • Halliburton New Faculty Research Award, College of Engineering, CSU, 1989.
    • Faculty of the year at Allison Hall, Colorado State University, 1996.
    • Abell Faculty Research and Graduate Program Support Award of Excellence for outstanding achievement and professionalism in education, research, and service to graduate students, College of Engineering, CSU, 1999.
    • Research Award, Department of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, 2001.
    • Endowed Borland Professorship in Hydraulics, CSU Civil Engineering Department, 2002.
    • Hans Albert Einstein Award of the ASCE, 2004.
    • Outstanding Faculty Performance Award, Civil Engineering Department, CSU, 2006.
    • Faculty Award for Excellence in Service, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, 2009.
    • Best Reviewer of the ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2010.
    • Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Lecture of the ASCE/EWRI at the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, Austin, TX, May 20, 2015.


 Teaching experience
  • Erosion and Sedimentation, CSU, since 1985.
  • River Mechanics, CSU, since 1986.
  • Engineering Mechanics - Statics, CSU
  • Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics, CSU.
  • Fluid Mechanics (undergraduate), CSU.
  • Fluid Mechanics for Non-Engineers, CSU.
  • Environmental River Mechanics, CSU.
  • Hydrodynamics, Université Laval, Québec, Canada.
  • Flow in Closed-Conduits, Université Laval, Québec, Canada.
  • Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, Université Laval, Québec, Canada.

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    Ph.D.  Student (Graduates)  

                Name               Topic                                       Grad. date

    1. A. Dawod         Rainfall erosion              Ph.D.    Summer '86
    2. J.S. O'Brien       Rheology of mudflow      Ph.D.    Summer '86
    3. N. Bormann       Drop Structures scour    Ph.D.    July '88
    4. J. Richardson     Moving rainstorms         Ph.D.    June '89
    5. D. Hartley         Raindrop impact            Ph.D.   January '90
    6. O. Stein            Rills and headcut          Ph.D.   July '90
    7. Y. Lan              River meandering           Ph.D.    December '90
    8. G. Choi*           Channel networks          Ph.D.    December '90
    9. K. Marcus          Finite element runoff l    Ph.D.    April '91
    10. F. Ogden         Radar hydrology            Ph.D.    January '92
    11. B. Saghafian    2-D runoff modeling        Ph.D.    January '92
    12. W. Doe           Terrain modeling            Ph.D.   June '92
    13. J. Wargadalam  Regime equations          Ph.D.    April '93
    14. D. May             Lagrangian rainstorms    Ph.D.    November '93
    15. Y. Raslan         Bed form mechanics       Ph.D.    January '94
    16. D. Williams*       Sediment transport       Ph.D.    Fall '95
    17. D. Molnar (Noss) Mesoscale runoff          Ph.D.    Spring ‘97
    18. B. Johnson        CASC2D-SED                Ph.D.    Spring ‘97
    19. J. Guo              Wake flow functions       Ph.D.   Summer ‘98
    20. J. Jorgeson       Flash floods                   Ph.D.    Summer ‘99
    21. A. Sharma        Subsurface modeling       Ph.D.    Spring ‘00
    22. G. Richard        Rio Grande planform        Ph.D.    Spring ‘01
    23. R. Rojas           Sediment modeling          Ph.D.    Summer '02
    24. S. Akalin          Mississippi sediment         Ph.D.    Summer '02
    25.  B. Bounvilay    Bedload velocity              Ph.D.    Fall '02
    26.  C. Leon          Rio Grande modeling         Ph.D.    Spring '03
    27.  B. Kane          Specific degradation         Ph.D.    Summer '03
    28.  M. Velleux       Fate and Transport          Ph.D.    Fall '05
    29.  J. England       PMF Modeling                  Ph.D.    Fall '05
    30.  U. Ji               Sediment Flushing            Ph.D.    Fall '06
    31.  Y.H. Shin        Flow Pulses                    Ph.D.     Fall '07
    32. S. Shah-Fairbank  Modified Einstein           Ph.D.    Fall '08
    33.  S.D. An           Density current modeling   Ph.D.    Fall '11
    34.   J. Halgren        Hybrid Modeling               Ph.D.   Fall '12
    35.   J. Kim            Flashflood Modeling           Ph.D.     Fall '12
    36.   J. Abdullah      Tropical Flashfloods          Ph.D.    Spring '13
    37.   N.S. Muhammad  Monsoon Precipitation    Ph.D.    Fall '13
    38.   K. Park            Sediment Plugs                Ph.D.    Fall '13
    39.    H.Y. Kim        Dredging Management        Ph.D.    Summer '16
    40.    P. O’Brien        Climate change                Ph.D.   Fall '17 


      M.S.  Student graduates

    Plan A with thesis

                 Name        Thesis Topic                                            Grad. date

    1.    T. Cline(co)    Auto-CAD and HEC-1            M.S.         June  '88
    2.    G. Moglen    Distributed overland flow          M.S.         June '89
    3.    C. Santoro(co)Scour around bridge piers      M.S.         July '89
    4.    Y. Raslan    Properties of bed forms             M.S.         Dec. '90
    5.    C. Meier    Bedload particle velocity             M.S.         Fall '95
    6.    K. Klimek    Particle velocity on rough plates  M.S.         Fall ‘97
    7.    C. Leon    Hydraulic geometry of Rio Grande  M.S.         Sum ‘98
    8.    T. Bauer    Rio Grande hydraulic geometry     M.S.         Sum ‘99
    9.    H. Hussain    Mudflow velocities                   M.S.        Sum ‘99
    10.    J. Spah    Large scale runoff modeling         M.S.        Fall ‘99
    11.    L. Tysdal    Actinide migration                   M.S.        Fall ‘99
    12.    M. Weinhold Gravel-bed transport              M.S.        July ‘01
    13.    M. Sixta    Rio Grande migration                 M.S.        Spring ‘04
    14.    J. Albert    Double Mass Curves                  M.S.        Fall ‘04
    D. Kang    Snowmelt Modeling                  M.S.        Fall '05
    16.     S. Shah     Modified Einstein                     M.S.         Fall '05
    S. Novak   Rio Grande below Cochiti Dam     M.S.        Spring '06
    18.     H.S. Kim    Erosion of Imha Watershed        M.S.        Spring '06
    19.     N. Friesen    Supercritical waves                M.S.        Spring '07
    20.     A. Larsen   Rio Grande - Escondida             M.S.        Spring '07
    21.     S. H. Teh     RES, Akureyri, Iceland            M.S.         May ’11
    22.     T. Owen    Rio Grande - Elephant Butte       M.S.        Spring '12
    23.     S. Sahaar  Erosion Mapping in Afghanistan   M.S.        Fall '13
    24.    A. Steininger Modeling dam overtopping        M.S.        Spring ’14
    25.    P. Ndolo Goy Turbidity Modeling                  M.S.       Spring ’15

    Plan B without thesis

    1.    A. Eimer        Upland erosion                  M.S.         May '87
    2.    D. Hoelzer      Watershed modeling          M.S.           May '87
    3.    C. Azuero       Particle stability               M.S.         July '87
    4.    B. Saghafian    Resistance to flow           M.S.         July '88
    5.    J. Wargadalam   Hydraulic geometry         M.S.         March '89
    6.    Y. Chen         Sediment transport            M.S.         March '89
    7.    M. Tauzer      Watershed modeling           M.S.         Sum '95
    8.    S. Akalin        Temperature effects          M.S.         Spring ‘97
    9.    R. Krehbiel       Gravel mining                   M.S.         Spring ‘97
    10.    T. Dahl(co)        Sedimentation              M.S.         Spring ‘98
    11.    A. Mendelsberg     Cohesive sediment      M.S.         Fall ‘03
    12.    J. Duncan        Bendway weirs               M.S.          Fall ‘03
    13.    F. Jay            Modified Einstein             M.S.           Spring ‘05
    14.    C. Vensel        Rio Grande Analysis         M.S.           Fall '05
    15.    C. Michalos    Tailings Remediation         M.S.           Spring '09
    16.    A. Shafie        Johoor Floods                 M.S.           Fall '09
    17.    T. Bender        Overbank Flows             M.S.            Fall '11
    18.    K. Cooper       Soil Erodibility                 M.S.           Spring '12
    19.    C. Shrimpton    Plug Hypotheses            M.S.           Fall '12
    20.    J. Rainwater     Sediment Plug Review     M.S.           Spring ’14
    21.    O. Martyusheva    Smart water grids        M.S.        Fall ’14
    22.    N. Koutsunis    Climate Changes and Dams   M.S.      Fall ’15
    23.    A. Orechwa        Actinide Mine Tailings       M.S.      Fall ’15
    24.    K. Lai            Smart tunnel outlet            M.S.        Spring ’16
    25.    C. Horner        Silvery Minnows                M.S.        Fall ’16

    Plan C Masters of Engineering 
    • 64 graduates as of June 2018



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