COVID-19 Pandemic Visualization and Model Fitting Tool

  • Open source Matlab codes:
  • Load Johns Hopkins Data on Growing Pandemic
  • Plot, fit epidemic growth models, and compare different countries and states.
  • Make maps and videos of current pandemic.
  • Fit simple SIR models to pandemic spread in different countries or states.
  • Basic Two-Species FSP Analysis Software

    • FSP Toolkit for Low Resolution Screens
    • FSP Toolkit for High Resolution Screens
    • For a description of these tools, please see: Munsky, B., Modeling Cellular Variability, in Quantitative Biology From Molecular to Cellular Systems, M. Wall, Ed. (Taylor & Francis Group, New York, 2012). preprint (.pdf)

    q-bio Textbook, Chapter 30 GUI

    Stochastic System Identification Toolkit

    • Coming Soon!