These are the current group policies regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Please contact me immediately if you notice anything that is missing or should be updated in these policies.

  1. I encourage all  students and postdocs to work from home (effective immediately).  Since most of us work on computational projects, this should not be disruptive of our progress.  Just to be clear, when I say “work from home”, I mean in a place where you have low risk contact with infected persons (i.e., NOT in a busy coffee shop).
  2. If you feel sick (even if it is just a sniffle or “maybe allergies”), it is imperative that you stay home!  Email me to keep me in the loop.  You won’t impress me, or anyone, by trying to work while you’re sick.
  3. Make sure that you check your email and phone messages regularly and that you pay careful attention to all messages from group members.
    1. I would like all students and postdocs to send me your current mobile number so that we can set up text alerts for the group.
  4. We will have no meetings (individual or group) during spring break.
    1. All weekly group meetings and journal club sessions are suspended until further notice.
    2. All one-on-one and small team meetings with me will be switched over to use Skype.
    3. If you do not have an account yet, please create one and email your skype ID to the rest of the group and to me.
  5. Please try to avoid large gatherings where threat of infection is elevated. This precaution is necessary not only for our own safety, but to prevent spread to more vulnerable populations. It takes several days to show signs of infection, and transmission can occur even in the absence of visible symptoms.
  6. Be prepared to stop work on short notice.  If the university closes, I expect all students and postdocs to remain homeDo not come to campus for any reason.  Now would be a good time to move essential materials from your office to your home workspace.
    1. If you need to move a computer/monitor or other significant piece of equipment from your office, please let me know so we can keep track of group resources.
  7. Practice good hygiene to the best of your ability.  Wash your hands frequently and THOROUGHLY (e.g., every time you touch a door knob or shared surface, before you have a snack, after using a computer keyboard, etc.).  Try, try, try not to touch your face!
  8. Make sure you and your household are prepared for a period of self-isolation of two weeks of more (i.e., stock up on foods and any medicines you may need). Importantly, if you have prescriptions, work with your providers to get these filled for a month’s supply at a minimum.
  9. If you do isolate yourself, whether because of illness or concern, keep in touch with family, friends, and the lab via phone, email, or whatever works best for you. Please don’t go it alone!
    1. Send your suggestions for good Netflix/Hulu/Prime/ETC shows to the rest of the group.