Extreme Winds

    2. The period of time spent by world wide research teams resulting in natural hazard reduction.
    3. Also called typhoons or cyclones.
    7. Name of Category 5 hurricane which struck Central America in 1998 causing major loss of life and damage.
    9. Name of tornado category scale.
    10. Last name of an emminent CSU Atmospheric Science professor who predicts annual hurricane probabilities.
    11. Name of Category 4 hurricane occuring in 1989 which struck North & South Carolina.
    12. Name of Category 4 hurricane occuring in 1992 which resulted in more than $30 billion damage.
    13. Type of thunderstorm outflow that results in 75 mph wind speeds.
    15. An extreme wind resulting in many airline crashes.
    1. Nation which underwent the largest loss of life ever (>300,000) in a cyclone in 1970.
    4. Name of Category 5 hurricane occuring in 1969 which caused major damage in Missippi.
    5. Mountain where the highest winds in the US occur.
    6. Huge wave occuring in front of landfalling hurricanes that cause major coastal damage.
    8. Thunderstorm driven wind events that can exceed 350 mph!
    14. There is a 1:xx chance of exceeding losses greater than $10 billion annually due to hurricanes.