Sustainable Technology Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers



Catalog Description: This course exposes students to basic concepts and skills for engaging in technology-based entrepreneurship, particularly within the context of sustainable economic development.


Textbook: Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise, 3rd Edition, Thomas H. Byers, Richard C. Dorf, Andrew Nelson, McGraw Hill, 2011



Anthony Marchese (, Greg Graff (, Rick Turley (                           

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home and objectives

Objectives: This graduate level course focuses on technology based entrepreneurship within the context of enterprises that respond to new and under-exploited opportunities. For academic scientists and engineers, opportunities to commercially develop technologies may lie within the scope of Colorado- and U.S.-based industries, but they may also lie within the scope of the “market at the base of the (socio-economic) pyramid” in developing economies. This course introduces technically trained graduate students to the basic tenets and skills of technology-based entrepreneurship and teaches them to recognize, analyze, and act on such opportunities. The successful student will develop the following skills and capacities:

• entrepreneurial mindset
• opportunity assessment/analysis
• understanding markets at the base of the socio-economic pyramid
• new venture management


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