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Chemical Rocket Propulsion

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Rocket of the Week

In addition to learning how to design a rocket propulsion system, this course will also provide a historical perspective on rocket propulsion.  Each week, we will highlight a different rocket, spacecraft, propulsion system or rocket scientist and discuss how they relate to what we are studying in class.  This website will contain links with more information on each "rocket of the week".


Week 1: Dr. Robert Goddard Movie1 Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes Movie2 Biography

Week 2: German V2 Rocket and Wernher von Braun Missle to the Moon Documentary Biography  V2 Videos

Week 3: Project Mercury, Mercury-Redstone 3 and Freedom 7 Mission
Week 4: Sputnik/R-7 Rocket (Russian Space Web) Sergei Korolev-The Chief Designer Launch of R-7

Week 5:  The X-Plane Program xlr-11 engineX-1 documentaryX-15, xlr-99 engine, stats, pictures,  X-15 documentary
Week 6: The Atlas Rocket -Mercury Atlas (Atlas LV-3B) - DevelopmentJohn Glenn-Friendship 7 - The Right Stuff

Week 7: ARIES I and ARIES II: CSU Hybrid Rocket - Design - ARIES II Launch

Week 8: Gemini-Titan; Titan II; Launch History of Atlas /Titan/Saturn; Project Gemini ; The Damascas Incident

Week 9: Saturn V (F-1 Engine)Launch Photos - Apollo Photo Archive - Apollo 11 The Movie - Where did they get the footage?

Week 10: Lunar Excursion Module: Lunar Orbit Rendezvous - Apollo Program (NASA SP350) - Apollo 11 - Apollo 12 - Houston we have a problem

Week 11:  Apollo Command and Service Module - Moon Machines Video

Week 12:  Commercial development of space:

    Space Ship One; The Ansari X-Prize

    Virgin Galactic


    Blue Origin

    Copenhagen Suborbitals TM65 Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine

Week 13:  Soviet Manned Lunar Program and N1 Rocket N1 Rocket Documentary
Week 14: Space Shuttle SSME; Space Shuttle SRM
Week 15: Deep Space One

Suggested Readings: The Right Stuff, Rocket Boys, Von Braun: Dreamer of Space Engineer of War, Korolev, Goddard Biography, First Man,

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