Space Shuttle Main Engine

Chemical Rocket Propulsion

MECH 581A4


NASA Chemical Equilibrium Analysis Code NASA

Computer Program for Calculation of Complex Chemical Equilibrium
Compositions, Rocket Performance, Incident and Reflected Shocks,
and Chapman-Jouget Detonations

Sanford Gordon and Bonnie McBride
NASA Glenn Research Center
21000 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44135

NASA SP-273, 1971
NASA RP-1311, PART I, 1994
NASA RP-1311, PART II, 1996

home and objectives

You can download the necessary files to run the program here:





(Please note that the links to the executable code and libraries have been removed due to IP issues).  Please contact me directly if you need access to the executable.   Or, please go to the NASA website below.

The executable is called fcea2.exe. Thermo.lib is a library that is needed to run the code.  thermo.inp is a text file that contains all of the species currently available in the code.  cea2.inp is an input file with a variety of sample problems outlined.

To run the code, just click on the executable and it will open up a .dos shell.  The program will prompt you for an input data file.  Type in the file name, without an extention.  The program will generate an output file name called <filename.out>.

For more information and to download the code directly from NASA visit the NASA CEA Website:

Example input files:

arcjetn2h4.inp       h2o2hp.inp  h2o2rocket.inp   h2o2rocket2.inp    htpb-gox.inp

course outline and notes

homework assignments


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