Convection Heat Transfer

MECH 646


Catalog Description: Fundamentals; conservation, constitutive equations; second law; forced, free convection; internal, external flows; laminar, turbulent flows.


Textbook: Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, Kays, Crawford and Weigand, 4th Edition, McGRaw Hill

Location and Meeting Times : MWF, 12:00 to 12:50 p.m., Academic Village C141

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Lab: Engines and Energy Conversion Lab
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Grading Policy:

Homework and Class Participation (40%). Collaborative in-class problems will be done each week. Homework will be assigned on a periodic basis. Homework assignments will be in the form of problems or short projects. The computer programs TexStan and/or FLUENT will be used for some homework problems.

Midterm Exam (25%). A written midterm exam or project will be given approximately half-way through the semester

Final Exam (35%). A comprehensive oral final exam will be given during the final exam week.

Attendance Policy and Rules

Attendance at each class is required. Class participation is a key component of the course grade as collaborative quizzes, problems, experiments and demonstrations will be done in class. Notebooks and calculators (or lap tops) should be brought to each class. Please turn your cell phones off, unless there is a pending emergency.

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