MECH 558


Catalog Description: This course presents the concepts of chemically reacting systems (flames) along with many practical applications. Topics include chemical equilibrium, chemical kinetics, premixed laminar flames, diffusion flames and environmental issues.


Textbook: An Introduction to Combustion: Concepts and Applications, Stephen R. Turns, Second Edition, McGraw Hill, 2000.


Instructor: Anthony J. Marchese                                      Download Course Syllabus here

Office: A103 H Engineering

Lab: Engines and Energy Conversion Lab
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home and objectives
Grading Policy
  • Homework and Class Participation (35%). Collaborative in-class quizzes, problems, experiments will be done each week. Homework will be assigned on a periodic basis. Homework assignments will be in the form of problems or short projects.
  • Midterm Exam (30%). A midterm exam will be given approximately half-way through the semester
  • Final Exam (35%). A comprehensive oral final exam will be given during the final exam week.
Attendance Policy and Rules
  • Attendance at each class is required. Class participation is a key component of the course grade. If you cannot make it to class, you must contact me prior to class.
  • Don't be late to class. When students stroll in late, I always lose my train of thought…and then I have to start all over again.
  • Cell phones: off. Text messaging: don't even think about it. (Obviously, if you have some sort of emergency situation where you need to leave your cell phone on, please let me know prior to class.)
  • Bring your calculators to class, since we will work problems in class.
  • Lap tops are allowed for calculation and/or note taking, but surfing the web is forbidden, unless I ask you to visit a URL in support of the lecture.
  • Homework must be done on engineering paper and in engineering problem solving format: known, find, given, schematic diagram, assumptions and analysis. 
  • Homework is due at the beginning of class;  drop it off in front of the class on your way in.  Late homework assignments will not be accepted unless approved ahead of time by the instructor. 
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homework assignments
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