Advanced Combustion Theory and Modeling

MECH 658


Catalog Description: This course builds upon the introductory concepts in MECH 558 Combustion by examining the asymptotic structure of premixed and non-premixed flames, limit phenomena, multi-phase and supersonic combustion.


Textbook: Combustion Physics, by C.K. Law, Cambridge University Press, 1st Edition, 2006.

Location and Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m., Engineering, E206

Instructor: Anthony J. Marchese                                      Download Course Syllabus

Office: A103 H Engineering

Lab: Engines and Energy Conversion Lab
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home and objectives

Technical Objectives: MECH 658 builds upon the concepts presented in MECH 558 Combustion, focusing on development and solution of the transient-convective-diffusive-reactive equations chemically reacting flow systems. These governing equations will be used to solve a variety of steady premixed and non-premixed flames, as well as unsteady phenomena such as ignition and extinction. Upon completion of the course, a student will have met the following technical objectives:

Derive the conservation equations in integral and differential form for chemically reacting flow systems.

Solve diffusion-controlled non-premixed systems using reaction sheet formulations.

Perform non-premixed flame calculations using CHEMKIN 4.1

Solve premixed laminar flame systems using activation energy asymptotic analysis.

Perform non-premixed flame calculations using CHEMKIN 4.1

Determine the effects of flame stretch, heat loss and ignition and extinction phenomena.

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