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Note that if you are extremely well qualified for work in optoelectronics research based on your GPA, GRE scores, prior research experience, publication record, scholarship or fellowship support, and/or relevant practical laboratory skills, your application will still be considered even if there is not a match to a specific open position.  In this case, please note the "open positions of interest" on the Advisor Application as "any" and clearly indicate your interests and qualifications in the body of your email.

Otherwise, please enter one or more of the following "position names" on that line.

Listed positions will be staffed subject to identifying well qualified applicants and the availability of suitable research contract funding.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  Colorado State University is an EO/AA employer with offices at 101 Student Services.

Undergraduate employment openings

Position Name:  UGWS

Admitted undergraduate students qualifying for work-study financial aid with an interest in research opportunities, especially those in Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or the EE optoelectronics concentration, should email Dr. Lear noting their interests, GPA, and the amount of work-study financial aid for which you qualify. Positions may be available for laboratory facilities maintenance and administrative support in addition to research activities.  

Graduate Research Assistant openings

Position Name:  GRA_general

New or transfer PhD candidates or exceptional MS candidates interested in the general area of optoelectronic devices and systems are encouraged to apply as positions may become available in the near future.  Topics of particular interest include photonic biosensors, high speed laser diodes and photodetectors, VCSELs, silicon photonics, CMOS optoelectronics, optical waveguides, optical interconnects, fiber optic communications, near-field scanning optical microscopy, and organic LEDs (OLEDs).  Skills that may be relevant to these topics semiconductor device fabrication (photolithograpy, wet and plasma etching, metal and thin film deposition, oxidation, annealing, and packaging including hybrid assembly and flip-chip bonding), optoelectronic materials and device characterization (reflectivity, photoluminescence, electroluminescence, current-voltage measurement, optical coupling to and evaluation of waveguides, microwave circuit design and measurements, scanning probe microscopy), microfluidics, optics layout, low light detection instrumentation, molecular recognition chemistry, and optical communications.

Postdoctoral Scholar openings

Position Name:  PD_general

Postdoctoral positions may become available in the areas listed in Graduate Research Assistant openings depending on the filling of those positions and the nature and amount of research contract funding.  Please read those research topic descriptions and indicate your interest and qualification for research in those areas.