Extension Activities

As part of the CSU Extension Water Team, I have participated in outreach activities both nationally and internationally.

Briefly, my role as an extension specialist in irrigation and drainage engineering is to assist extension agents with technical advice and material regarding pressing issues in different counties in Colorado (e.g., drought and irrigation management, soil moisture sensor selection/installation, etc.). Besides direct communications with extension agents during the year there is an annual CSU Extension Forum (typically in November) where Extension Specialists make themselves available to discuss county technical assistance needs. I have participated in such Forums.

Currently, I sever as the Extension Water Team co-leader (2013-2014) and in such position I have helped organized the annual team water tour through the state and have helped the team work on their annual work plan (which uses an elaborated Extension Software on-line).

Other activities have included writing fact sheets, presenting in extension related workshops and seminars, presenting research results at local, state, and national conferences, publishing research results in journal articles, seeking funding for research and extension activities from local farmer associations, water conservation districts, the state of CO, and federal agencies (e.g., USDA).

In particular, I have been part of several workshops and seminars contributing in the topics of soil moisture sensors, infra-red thermometry, and remote sensing in the improvement of irrigation water management. Also, every year I am invited to be a speaker at the Central Plains Irrigation Conference, organized by the Central Plains Irrigation Association (CPIA). Every year the location of the presentation rotates among Burlington (CO), Kolby (KS), and Kearny (NE).

In terms of coordinating with Extension specialists at the national level, I am serving as the Co-Chair (2013-2014) of the Western Extension and Research Activities (WERA-1022) group. And will become the Chair of the committee for the period 2014-2015. In particular, I participate in WERA in the topic of irrigation scheduling and crop coefficients.

A working relationship has been developed with the following institutions to better address their knowledge needs: USDA-ARS, State Water Resources Division, Central Colorado Water Conservancy District, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, West Greeley Conservancy District, and CSU faculty from different Departments.